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Dr. James P. Gills, world-renowned cataract surgeon and founder of St. Luke’s Cataract & Laser Institute, Tarpon Springs, Florida, has dedicated his life to restoring much more than physical vision.   He seeks to encourage and comfort the patients who come to St. Luke’s by sharing spiritual truths and insights gained from studying the Bible for many years.  In 1985, he began capturing his thoughts on paper.

Today, over TEN MILLION books later...

Love Press, as a subsidiary of the James P. Gills Foundation, Inc., imparts hope through the distribution of Dr. Gills’ books to jails, prisons, and military bases within the 50 states free of charge.  With the exception of the Bible, his current fifteen titles are among the most requested books in the U.S. prison system, having touched so many lives with numerous scriptural references and practical applications for everyday living.   

Dr. Gills is not a doctor who happens to be a Christian; he is a Christian who happens to be a doctor.  In his books, he distills years of studying the Word, preaching, teaching, and praying...all amid one of the busiest lives one could ever observe.  He has earned the right to be heard and read.

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